How to choose Lee Broom lighting for the kitchen?

The kitchen is a room that receives the most attention when it comes to design. This is mainly due to the fact that people spend a large part of their day in this place. This is why everyone wants it to look as good as possible and work well in it. This is why you… Read more »

Rick Owens furniture for stylish houses

Designing a stylish house might be a real challenge. If you’re here, you were probably looking for the best options to make your home look amazing and keep a good quality of the furniture at the same time. If that’s the case, you should consider Rick Owens furniture: they have both of the mentioned advantages!… Read more »

Luxury furniture – Faye Toogood

Furniture that cannot be missing in any home exists. One of them is a coffee table which takes up little space, however is one of the more useful in the living room. Faye Toogood – the best coffee table A coffee table in the living room cannot be overlooked, so it is worth taking care… Read more »

Interesting luxury furniture

Luxury interior furnishings have recently become more and more popular. A lot of people are choosing this solution because thanks to this that we can make our interiors look beautiful again. However, we should not forget that it is not so easy to buy luxury furniture. So what luxury designer furniture should we choose. Luxury… Read more »

What kind of designer lightening?

More and more people have recently realized that when deciding to buy the right lighting, we can radically change any interior. After dark, when sunlight does not reach our rooms, it is very important that our furniture is visible and that we move around without any problems. So what should we be guided by choosing… Read more »

What kind of tapis rugs should we buy?

Carpets are an increasingly common choice found in interiors of flats. They can be made of various materials, have different dimensions and appearance, therefore they are used in many arrangements. What material to choose for a tapis rugs and would it be better to be hand-made or machine-made? What’s the difference in general? From which… Read more »

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What is piet hein eek?

The eco style is increasingly boldly entering the big city, and with it furniture for a pittance. Recycled furniture such as pallets, boxes or old boards can be sublime and elegant. Furniture piet hein eek from pallets is the last fashion cry in interior design. Being a symbol of domestication of the eco style, they… Read more »

Vanessa Mitrani the best products to each interiors

Choosing the style in which the interior of our house or flat will be maintained we are guided by various reasons. Some people have always known how to decorate their home and they do not have the slightest problem with it. Others focus on current trends that dictate how our interior should look.   However,… Read more »

The best infinity clock on the wall

The bedroom should act as a small temple of peace and rest and relaxation, which is why it must be perfectly thought out. Very important in room is every, even the smallest detail, the color of the walls, furniture, floors and even the color and form of the wall clock. Using a properly selected wall… Read more »

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    De la Espada – what should we choose?

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    The functionality and simplicity of modern style tempts many apartment owners. However, everyone who wants to decorate interiors in a uniform, modernist style must know that refining the details and the right selection of additives takes some time, requires some preparation at the same time. The unflagging popularity of the modern style consists of many… Read more »

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    Attractive stone coffee table

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    A small piece of furniture for serious matters, it is just a coffee table. For Turkish coffee, a glass of wine, a gourmet snack, a good book. It’s worth having it at hand. And what table can we choose for our living room and where to set it? Let’s think about what we do most… Read more »

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    The best designer rugs

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    When buying a carpet, pay attention not only to its beautiful pattern or softness. Here are some tips on how to go when choosing a carpet to the apartment. The first criterion determining the carpet’s performance value is the number of single points visible to the naked eye of the hair on a square meter…. Read more »

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    Stephen Kenn in modern interior design

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    Exclusive furniture is a solution that counts the detail combined with high quality material and craftsmanship. It is not without reason that the synonym for this word is “elitism”. Luxury is defined by the type of finish. Therefore, when arranging an exclusive house, put on furniture for the living room: chests of drawers, shelves and… Read more »