De la Espada – what should we choose?

The functionality and simplicity of modern style tempts many apartment owners. However, everyone who wants to decorate interiors in a uniform, modernist style must know that refining the details and the right selection of additives takes some time, requires some preparation at the same time.

The unflagging popularity of the modern style consists of many factors. Modernistically furnished apartments are primarily characterized by broadly defined functionality. The interiors in this style are devoid of heavy additions, we do not find bright colors in them. The whole blends into a rather subdued, minimalist, but not austere, space.

However, the effect of simplicity is not easy to achieve, and inexperienced people can have considerable trouble during interior design. Modern interiors require consistency and expertise. Maintaining a modern, industrial character of the interior for a long time may be difficult for some people. When decorating the interior one should give up all the familiar decorations, souvenirs, heavy paintings and chandeliers.

The basic difficulty in the modern arrangement of the apartment is hidden in the very essence of the modernist style. The free combination of modern materials and technologies requires at least basic knowledge in the field of arrangement. The open space is a distinctive feature of the modern style. The arrangement of the apartment should therefore start with eliminating or at least limiting the division of rooms. The functions of individual rooms are signaled by a separate material, color, and not a partition wall.

Another characteristic feature of the style is the way of furnishing the rooms. Single-colored furniture with geometric, straight shapes should be made of wood that fits well with ascetic, steel elements of design. Bright furniture in combination with appropriate, warm lighting (sconces, ceiling lights) visually enlarge the flat, and it is the effect of open space is the most important in this arrangement.

You should also remember not to overdo it with the amount of furniture. Their excess is incompatible with the philosophy of style. If you decide to buy fashionable furniture, you should look for the De la Espada ( brand. Certainly thanks to De La Espada, our interior will look great.

Written by Photoguy