Stephen Kenn in modern interior design

Exclusive furniture is a solution that counts the detail combined with high quality material and craftsmanship. It is not without reason that the synonym for this word is “elitism”.

Luxury is defined by the type of finish. Therefore, when arranging an exclusive house, put on furniture for the living room: chests of drawers, shelves and sites made of solid wood. The models with high-gloss lacquered fronts and with glass elements will be exquisitely beautiful, reflecting the space of each interior, reflecting light.

When buying an exclusive lounge suite, choose the best quality leather and upholstery. In the first case, put on cow’s or sheep’s skin – it’s natural beauty, and at the same time durability for years. When you prefer the material, choose corduroy, velor and fabrics with aqua clean coating. Such a piece of Stephen Kenn furniture will give incredible comfort during use and will also be easy to clean. Which particular leisure furniture to put on, by arranging an exclusive salon? First of all bright ones. It can be a large, wide corner sofa covered with high-quality fabric or leather, as well as a comfortable chair, not necessarily part of the set. Properly chosen for relaxation, it will perfectly fill the living room, confirming the good taste of the organizer. Depending on your preferences, you can choose a chair in one color or patterned. It can have a traditional body or modern solutions, e.g. the relaxation function.

And what if you prefer dark colors? You should pay attention to upholstered Stephen Kenn furniture. When choosing a lounge suite, choose a deep navy, very fashionable in the season, which will perfectly match the additions in the amaranth pink color. You can complement this modern design with a bench made of bent glass. Of course, you can also bet on a coffee table made of wood – however, it should be kept in bright colors, stylistically contrasting with the dark rest.

Of course, the higher the budget for furnishing the house, the more the playing field is bigger. However, this does not change the fact that you can find very interesting, exclusive furniture for making up the desire, for which you will pay much less than you would expect.

Written by Photoguy