What is piet hein eek?

The eco style is increasingly boldly entering the big city, and with it furniture for a pittance. Recycled furniture such as pallets, boxes or old boards can be sublime and elegant. Furniture piet hein eek from pallets is the last fashion cry in interior design. Being a symbol of domestication of the eco style, they give it a unique character that is absolutely impossible to imitate. How to use unnecessary pallets? How to stylistically fit the furniture piet hein eek for the buck in the interior? How to dodge the eco style in the interior?

Eco style is on top. Recycled furniture, in turn, best reflected in interior design. The original pietheineek furniture with pallets or the frame of a sleeping bed, all made in the eco style, with unused europallets. Pietheineek furniture from pallets is a guarantee of original design in the interior and introducing some extravagance to it with a relatively low price.

Due to their characteristics, Euro-pallets are suitable both for making small pieces of equipment, such as shelves or coffee tables, as well as creating furniture exposed to a greater load, that is, armchairs, couches or beds. Furniture made of pallets are not only durable, but with proper impregnation and maintenance, they can also be suitable for interiors with high humidity.

Recycled furniture has many advantages, the main ones are environmental friendliness and unique design. Such items can be made by yourself, but there are more and more professionally made furniture made of used materials on the market. Designers outdo each other in ideas how to give life to objects and turn them into a functional and modern product. Among the furniture made of used products, we can find both aged and very modern.


Written by Photoguy