What kind of tapis rugs should we buy?

Carpets are an increasingly common choice found in interiors of flats. They can be made of various materials, have different dimensions and appearance, therefore they are used in many arrangements. What material to choose for a tapis rugs and would it be better to be hand-made or machine-made? What’s the difference in general?

From which material?

The division of tapis rugs (https://www.kookudesign.com/brand/80/cc-tapis) due to the materials they were made of covers many categories. It is worth knowing that among the so-called natural carpets, the most common type are woolen cc tapis. Among their advantages are softness and relative resistance to dirt. Carpets made of wool will give the environment a cozy and quiet character. If someone plan to buy such a rug, it is possible to put it in the bedroom, in the office or wherever calm and peace are needed.

Woven by hand or by machine?

In countries from which carpets come, like including in India or Iran, hand-woven cc tapis are still the most popular. They are made more precisely than those created with the participation of machines. In addition, in the case of the latter, it may be necessary to check what you can almost see at first glance when it comes to hand carpets: the weight and density of the carpet, as well as the material from which it was made. It does not mean that when buying a machine-made carpet we did a “bad business”, although it will not have this “individual” feature. However, its quality may not be worse than the hand-made one but it definitely won’t be made with heart and passion.

Written by Photoguy