The best designer rugs

When buying a carpet, pay attention not only to its beautiful pattern or softness. Here are some tips on how to go when choosing a carpet to the apartment.

The first criterion determining the carpet’s performance value is the number of single points visible to the naked eye of the hair on a square meter. The simplest smooth carpets have them up to about half a million, which makes them fluffy and have a visible pattern.

If you want to get an image effect, buy a silk or viscose rug, they even have two million points. If you do not care about the pattern and on the softness, choose a shaggy rug, whose thick threads, despite only 50,000 points, will ensure a pleasant fluffiness.

Mat rugs are very easy to clean due to the lack of undergrowth, but they are rough, so they are better suited to the daytime hall and dining room than in the bedroom or children’s room.

Through the simplest and most ordinary way of weaving, we get smooth carpets, where the length of the fleece is 2.5 cm on average. It is possible to decorate it with cut patterns, which looks interesting and raises aesthetic and sometimes price value. The opposite are shaggy carpets, whose fleece is up to 10 cm long. They are extremely soft and bring a feeling of luxury to the interior. When buying a carpet, it is also worth looking at its mass. The larger the carpet, the more solid and durable the carpet will be.

When looking for the right solutions for your rooms, it is worth choosing proven solutions such as designer rugs. It is the rug designer that is recommended to everyone who loves unique compositions.

Written by Photoguy